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atlanta, ga


This project is located on a speculative sub–urban/semi urban slot site.  The Slat Back is created with three simple design criteria: light, view, and an organization of spaces to and from light & view.  The house is designed so that every important space is gifted a porch/terrace and views from/through said space.  The street and back yard elevations are given ample glazing nestled within “porch box” projections that create mediation between inside and outside.  The side elevations solve the dilemma of narrow site house to house relationships by offering two foot and one foot vertical slats of frosted glazing that span from ground to top of house, thereby spreading diffuse light floor to ceiling without causing privacy issues for either users of this house or adjacent houses.  The wall construction is simple and straightforward and is organized vertically to coincide with the glazing in one and two foot vertical slats of cement fiber board. The porches are wood surrounds which slip behind the sip wall and roof system allowing the porches to piggyback structurally onto the main house floor, wall, and roof systems.