Dill Building

North Little Rock, AR

The Dill building is a speculative office building with multiple tenants.  As a speculative venture, the budgetary requirements were in play from the outset and careful attention had to be paid as to how and where design elements were executed.  A few simple rules were established which helped guide the project forward: The Entry space would dominate the movement and transition into lease spaces as well as service spaces, and the rhythm set up by the fenestration would dictate the building's DNA.  The windows were designed simply as the absence ofa wall so that the windows of the building were allowed to start at the ground and finish at the parapet, taking no heed to 2nd floor nor roof.  The walls are simple planes of brick, acting as background to the visual gymnastics of the windows and giving a reading of verticality and grandeur to a simple 2-story box.  The colored glass elements become playful foils to the simple and muted brick planes.