Co-Op Redux Proposal

Fayetteville, AR



As a building, a co-op acts as a space which fosters both unity and community. This proposed renovation creates a more flexible and simplified space for that purpose. The Co-Op includes a grocery store area with produce, dry goods aisles, and a deli, as well as a community room, a pet and garden department, brew pub, and an area reserved for holding the local farmers’ market in cold weather.

The emphasis of this plan is to represent and enhance the idea of a co-op.  The pub in this space is one that joins the area of food and drink and also becomes an informal gathering space for the community.  It can become a hub for hosting events in tandem with the deli, creating a nexus within the Co-Op for socializing and enjoying all the services offered by this community staple.

The materiality of the proposal creates a variety of experiences and readings. From the urban scale the exterior gesture of solids and voids enhances the presence of the building along a busy avenue, while the interior palette remains light and soft to open the space up. A green wall snakes along a trellis above the main entrance to provide shade for an exterior patio, along with the possibility to act as a vertical garden. Overall, the proposal works to create a Co-Op that is a welcoming and multi-functional destination within the community.