Blackboard Grocery

Fayetteville, AR


Blackboard Grocery and Eatery is an urban grocery in downtown Fayetteville. Located along W Dickson Street, the site was chosen for its proximity to the University of Arkansas, downtown housing, and the square. Capitalizing on Dickson’s pedestrian traffic, the grocery anchors the neighborhood and adds a much-needed market to the expanding residential and commercial district.

Located within an existing 1000 SF tenant space in the UARK Bowl building, space efficiency, simplicity and organization were the primary design objectives. The program includes not only an urban grocery, but also coffee bar, full kitchen, and eating area. By assigning full-height display, equipment, and service areas along the perimeter, the central space remains free for groceries and merchandise displays. Modern detailing and a simple color palette unifies the space to become a clean yet welcoming interior. With two large windows, artificial lighting is kept to a minimum: two LED strip pendants, bowl pendants, and LED track lights. Mechanical, plumbing and electrical service are held within the interior walls and dropped ceiling over the bar to open up and expose the conduit and bare ceiling of the main grocery space.